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Let us introduce you to the POAP or Proof Of Attendance Protocol.

POAP tokens, when implemented properly, can help us create a strong sense of digital identity. Growing in use daily, the protocol is fully functional and ready to use. An evolving toolset, both provided by POAP themselves, and by third parties, will help connect individuals across various subgraphs of our lives.

Not sure what POAP are or how to take advantage of them? Let’s take a look in depth! The good folks at also have a great set of FAQ about POAP as well.

A POAP is like a milestone marker, or bookmark that sits in your wallet. To understand wallets, look at out documentation here.


What kinds of milestones or life events are suitable for POAP? Its really hard to say! To a large extent, POAP draw their power from their community. So the question of ‘what events to celebrate’ may depend on your community and its members. Finding existing analog milestones and markers within the community is a great way to break down what might make sense to tokenize.

At BlockGurus we are working with local Association of REALTORS® to do this within the professional real estate space. So we coordinated with, and also with a number of local Associations. What did we come up with?

  • Membership
  • Committee Service
  • Board Service
  • High Level Designations and Certifications
  • Voting in Annual Elections

POAP are an engaging, fun and functional feature of the web3 landscape.

BlockGurus POAP sample

Bear in mind, POAP are a free token/utility provided by Applying for a POAP does not guarantee the token request will be honored. A well designed, and well thought out token is obviously going to stand a better chance of approval. The team at are amazing, so if you have questions or need help, drop them a line!

Now that you know a bit more about POAP – what community is your mind drawn to? I know for my part I would really love a token from the University of Michigan validating my degree. I think that is just an obvious and really quite practical use case. Anyone who queries my wallet can then validate I am a graduate, and any web3 dApp can create a community of those token holders on the fly in a process called token-gating.

POAP are an engaging, fun and functional feature of the web3 landscape. If you have any questions on using POAP within your community or business vertical, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on twitter or facebook.