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Season 2, Episode 1

#BCARD – Web3 Business Cards

by | Jun 29, 2022 | ENS | 0 comments

#BCARD, a fully onchain, updateable web3 networking intitiative, by 008.eth

Today I spoke with web3 innovator 008.eth regarding his web3 business card initiative. To be honest, I couldn’t be more fascinated.

We all understand business cards. It’s something that everyone can sink their teeth into. In fact, just about everyone has! In this case, it is our ‘analog’ for web2, in real life comparable reference point.

Today, I saw a first, truly impressive beta of what a web3 business card would look like. At first glance, visually, it compares quite reasonably to our analog. You can review in the creators ethereum wallet here, as expressed on OpenSea (the ‘multiple listing service’ of NFTs, etc. if you will). I have stacked a few of them for your visual pleasure below:¬†


card stack

But this is just the beginning. We haven’t even poked our head down the rabbit hole yet here.

These cards as seen on OpenSea are just a memento, distributed along with an initial supply of 50 fully on chain, editable Polygon based NFT. Ethereum is the most robust L1 blockchain. It is also therefore a hive of activity for ‘L2 networks’ and dApps to function.

Benefitting from Ethereums security, and… purpose built, they can be much more cost efficient, for example. To send these cards on Ethereum would be cost prohibitive. So they engineered them on the Polygon Network which plugs into the Ethereum Blockchain.

Sending one of these cards over the Polygon network costs only about a penny… for a permanent networking presence in whatever wallet you sent it to!

These tokens-as-business cards are therefore one of the first true ‘Soul Bound Tokens‘ in the sense that Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Buterin first described them in May of ’22.

Since transfers obviously are recorded on chain, the implications from a networking standpoint are staggering. For example, the creator is deploying this initiative in a controlled fashion. An initial group of early adopters in the ENS (Ethereum Name Service) space were selected by his team. These folks by and large tend to have the technical skill to work with these assets, and provide the sort of feedback that can improve the utility.

For others to themselves be able to request a #bcard in their ENS name, they need to first receive 3 cards from others, thereby gamifying the initial deployment!

The resulting networking graph as cards matriculate through the CT space is but a small sample of the power underlying this social networking object.

I will refer to it as a ‘primitive,’ not because it is rudimentary in form or function. Far from it. Rather, because it offers itself as an obvious building block for further networking functionality.

What will it become? I will be honest, my first thought was it makes a great header object for a web3 resume or cv. Who knows – it is a programmable object, it can become the cv unto itself. As a group of folks who are literally working on ‘the realtor resume’ onchain – well, we hope this is not the last time we speak about this.

In retrospect, perhaps a decentralized, gamified, soulbound business card makes perfect sense. Remember my personal motto – ideas are cheap and easy, execution is hard. What you will see if you take a look here is really refined execution for an early version.A hearty round of applause for the #bcard initiative by Web3 innovator 008.eth!


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