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Season 1, Episode 3

Real Estate, ENS & POAPsĀ 

by | May 24, 2022 | ENS, episodes, Wallets | 0 comments

On a mission to onboard 1.2million working realtors in this country to the programable blockchain, using ENS as an onboarding gateway

We start out by finishing up our previous session – we had ‘KYC’d’ a wallet for for CCAR Director Aeysha Corio, and were going to mint her ENS name – but gas prices were prohibitive, so I grabbed it for her myself several hours later. This enabled us to discuss NFT transfers and metadata records. Her Real Estate License number, as ENS NFT, is now happily in her wallet.

We then went on to discuss a number of other things, but most notably we dove into POAPs – the proof of attendance protocol designed to allow for ‘lightweight and cheap’ NFT to be used to commemorate events or milestones. A fascinating conversation ensued- suffice it to say I am not looking into producing tiny ‘infographics’ of POAPs, infused with MLS Market data… who actually has the best sales record in a particular community? We can put that data into a POAP monthly, yearly, by community! Really mind blowing stuff.

The we got into the concept of ENS a little deeper, and discussed how we can try to make my vision of an ENS name for all 5000 members, minted as their license number. She asked if there was a way to bulk mint names, and so I was able to show her the excellent, and practically brand new Ens.Vision bulk search/register, with its massive gas savings. We discussed the efficacy of simply minting names for our members 1000 at a time. The more I think about this, the more I think this is the way – we ensure that our members precious digits are in safe hands.

I also learned that I need to be more still and let guests talk – because that is when the magic happens!

Practical takeaways & Suggestions:
-There is a ‘Participation Economy’ waiting to be defined in vertical like real estate, and an emerging ecosysetm to service it in the Ethereum Name Space.


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