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There is tremendous untapped value in datasets all over the world. The value is locked in place because the knowledge to leverage it is not readily available. Disparate systems that fragment data and the people that can interpret that data, prevent us from liberating that value.

Ethereum can help unlock that value. Ethereum can help create communities that span artificial boundaries, bringing the best people and data together, and providing the framework to mine that value.

We are talking about things like SIWE for effortless access. We are talking about soul bound tokens rewarding knowledge and effort, creating communities of acknowledged experts, backed by data and verifiable reputation.

For example, in real estate we believe there is immense value and untapped knowledge within the professional real estate community. The systems, and the ecosystem to unlock that value simply hasn’t been created yet.

At Block Gurus we hope to change that. We are tokenizing Real Estate, block by block. And that means the ability to create and authenticate communities easily, to streamline the user experience and drive real value back to the content creators and analysts that can help unlock that value.

That is the sort of Hive Mind that ethereum and decentralized marketplaces can help enable. We look forward to showing you a first step in this direction soon!