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This week, ethereum visionary and cofounder Vitalik Buterin tweeted the following.

It was fairly early in the morning when he did this – I remember because I saw it from bed, and almost hurt myself getting out of bed in a hurry! When Vitalik tweets about exactly what you have been working on – well, that is inspiring for sure.

What is the Ethereum Identity Space or EIS?

But what are we talking about here.? What does he mean by Ethereum Identity Space or EIS? Well, we have already discussed the power of Sign In With Ethereum (SIWE), while discussing crypto wallets and securing your ENS name. SIWE gives you the ability for your wallet to act as a key, removing the need for both passwords and usernames on all dApps. No more Auth With FB or Twitter. Just connect wallet. Adding an ENS name to the wallet that lets you do that, and so much more, ties in the ‘identity part.

So these are the first components of EIS

  • SIWE
  • ENS

The third part is a token, whether a POAP, which is a Proof of Action Protocol token, or this hypothetical token ‘SBT’. You put these together, and you can do so many things – you can showcase your work, life, gaming, or whatever history or set of awards, accomplishments, or simply key events you want to.

Let’s imagine a fun concept to convey this – GlimpseToken. How many times have you been asked where you were when the Red Sox finally beat the curse of the Bambino? Or the Shuttle Disaster? 9/11? Or the day…?

Now imagine a DAO with a dApp that emits a token on critical dates in human history. Anyone who wants to can mint it, and set some metadata for it as well… where I was, what I was doing, a link to a url, etc. Suddenly, we have a global, shareable ‘glimpse’ into the moments that bind us as cultures and communities, large and small.

The practical applications for real estate here are obvious and profound, as we have been discussing in our podcast.

So we are introducing the terms AgentToken, SellerToken, BuyerToken, ListingToken and finally, ParcelToken. In particular, in near perfect alignment with what Mr. Buterin is referencing, are our efforts on POAPs, and wrapping Listing/Property parcels, as well as the personas in the real estate transactional space, in a smart contract so that we can take advantage of the ability to attach ‘events, accomplishments, etc.’ as metadata to a real persons wallet, as permanently available badges or accomplishments.

Reference Mr. Buterin’s article here. We strongly suggest you listen to our podcast, in particular episodes 3-7, where we discuss these exact concepts.