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Season 2, Episode 3

ENS Education Spaces

by | Jul 10, 2022 | ENS | 0 comments

On a mission to onboard 1.2million working realtorts in this country to the programable blockchain, using ENS as an onboarding gateway

Personal milestones aide, however – this was an important speaking panel… Nick.eth dropped some clues about the upcoming ENS namewrapper update, and we couldn’t be more excited. He said the 12th or beta testers – does that mean July 12?!?

We got to hear from some real innovators in the space – as they discussed a wide range of topics, from ENS vision and development, courtesy of Nick.eth, to compelling onboarding tools like Greg Skril’s ENSfairy ‘gift-an-ENS’ tool, and effortless meta-utility like Sean’s ENS photos. Furyan discussed ENSvision and we all had a chuckle listening to the number of name-clubs they have been asked to implement. Many other great speakers and guests, apologies to any I missed.

We also got to learn about Crypto Hold’em – while I was drawn away to produce content after the spaces session ended, I did just give them a follow and will definitely be checking them out when I am feeling lucky. Many thanks to them for putting this together… 

Because again, I just got to speak with Nick.eth, and he even responded favorably to what we are doing. Cloud 9 – make room.

I just got to speak with Nick.eth! Literal bucket list item. So gracious too. And – I have it on podcast. My favorite part is definitely at the 39mins elapsed mark!

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