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Season 1, Episode 6

LikeButon.eth and Fractional/Community NamesĀ 

Tokenizing real estate, block by block.

We had a great time today with @enspunks, CryptoPunk ‘Will,’ discussing his likebutton.eth initiative.

He took likebutton.eth, fractionalized it to a vault at the service, converting the NFT token to a like coin with a heart emoji. These coins can then be sent as ‘likes,’ essentially tips, through the metaverse. As post merge efficiencies start to accrue, sending gratuitous likes as gratuities will hopefully become cheap, easy, and the web3 way!

Practical takeaways & Suggestions:
– ENS names are not just pointers! The smart contracts which govern them can be interacted with in powerful ways. Fractionalizing, or segmenting a name as a utility or for community ownership, for example. This has important implications when you realize that an NFT can represent any underlying asset, including real estate!


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